Business Office

The Business Office provides leadership for the District’s financial management and for implementing the mission and goals of the District.
In addition to the regulatory and auditing functions involving State reporting, pupil accounting and attendance the business office works collaboratively with the constituent districts to provide support for payroll and accounts payable functions. This is done through the Clinton County Personnel Consortium (CCPC) where the districts utilizing the service share costs for services provided.
Internally, the Business office handles payroll, employee benefits, budget development and management, accounts payable, insurance and human resources. This department is also responsible for care and maintenance of all CCRESA grounds and facilities

Direct Deposit Information

When logging off the direct deposit site, exit by clicking on the "LOG OFF" button at the bottom left of your screen. Please do not log off by clicking the red "X" at the top of the page. Doing this will have the program thinking you are still logged on and it will slow the system down for others trying to access their Direct Deposit information. Any questions, please feel free to ask Deanna in the Business Office.

Web Application Login (Direct Deposit)

Your User ID and Password is the first character of your first name then the first five letters of your last name (if your last name is less then five characters…use your entire last name) then your birthday date number (i.e. if your birthday is on March 26 then the digits would be 26) then the last two digits of your social security number.

For example: Jane Netzley whose birthday is March 26 and last two digits of her social security number is 59.  Her User ID and Password would be: jnetzl2659, click Change Password.   You will be asked—do you wish to continue.  Click on OK.  Enter a new password (first character must be a letter, must be at least two characters long but no more then ten, and it can only contain letters and numbers) then enter it again to confirm.  Click on Continue.  You should now have access to your direct deposit information.

Business Office Contacts

Deanna Grieve, Payroll Specialist
Phone: (989) 224-6831 Ext. 2367

Kathy Jorae, Bookkeeper
Phone: (989) 224-6831 Ext. 2396

Cindy Pline, Financial Accountant
Phone: (989) 224-6831 Ext. 2349

Lori Schomisch, Business Manager
Phone: (989) 224-6831

Nichole Thoma, Human Resource Specialist
Phone: (989) 224-6831 Ext. 2341

Jayne Wieber, Fiscal Services Coordinator
Phone: (989) 224-6831 Ext. 2344

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