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Activity One Instructions

Activity 1:
Getting To Know Your Expectations
Purpose of the Activity:  Introduce the Grade Level Content Expectations (GLCE) and identify the current status and alignment
Summary of the Activity: Teachers will evaluate whether they are teaching the GLCE and dialog about their findings.
Estimated Time Frame: 1½ – 2 hours
Resources Needed: 
  • GLCE Current Status Sheet(s) for assigned grade/content areas
  • Markers – green, yellow, red
  • Across the Grade Sheet(s) for Math or ELA
  • Flip chart paper
Group Configuration: Individual teachers, then grade level or cross-grade content teachers
Possible Facilitators: Central office staff,principal, teacher leaders
Before You Begin:
  • Determine whether participants will begin the activity individually before working collectively (see *Variation).
  • Duplicate appropriate GLCE Current Status Sheets.
  • Familiarize yourself with the appropriate GLCE, directions and handouts (including *Variations).
  1. Review with participants the purpose of this activity. Explain that this is the first of a series of activities that are available to help teachers become familiar with the content and implications of the GLCE.
  2. Distribute copies of the handout: GLCE Current Status Sheet(s) to the appropriate grades
  3. Explain to participants that for purposes of this activity an understanding of the following terminology is important:
    • Teach: GLCE content that is addressed in the classroom
    • Teach to Mastery: 80% of students are proficient with the GLCE. (Proficient is defined as “80% correct responses on classroom assessments.) The other 20% of students will need additional support.
  4. Explain to teachers that they can code where they currently are in addressing their grade level content expectations by using the suggested code:
    • Green:  I teach to mastery
    • Yellow:  I teach this but not to mastery
    • Red: I do not teach this. I may need help in this area, or I do not have the resources to teach it.
    This method provides a quick, colorful visualization of where an individual or team is in aligning with the GLCE.
  5. Explain the comment code section used to record GLCE lacking clarity, requiring new content knowledge, or additional support.
  6. Participants should read through by grade level or content area, and code and record comments.
  7. Stress to teachers that the real value in the exercise is the dialog that it generates among teachers in regards to the curriculum, assessment and instruction.
  8. Discuss and chart common areas that lack clarity.
  9. Record and share areas in which participants felt they needed additional knowledge.
  10. Upon completion of the grade level dialog, compile a summary sheet for each grade that reflects common agreement about concepts taught to mastery, and any GLCE needing clarification. 
  • Buildings may determine that they would like teachers to complete Step 6 individually, and then work together as a grade level or content area team on the remaining steps.
  • If using Across the Grades documents rather than individual sheets, have teachers color code as indicated above. It will be very important to capture ideas shared in the discussion for future work.
  • Curriculum directors or principals may want to combine the grade level charts to determine where the building is in addressing the GLCE.

Last Updated: 7/21/11