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Activity Two Instructions

Activity 2:
Identifying Current Location of Math GLCE Content
Purpose of the Activity: Identify other grades currently teaching the same GLCE for the purpose of identifying overlaps, gaps and redundancy.
Summary of the Activity: Grade level representativeswill review survey sheets to identify if their GLCE are currently being taught in another grade. 
Estimated Time Frame: 1½ - 2 hours
Resources Needed: GLCE Grade Survey Sheet(appropriate grade level colors)
Suggested Colors:
  • Kindergarten – Yellow
  • 1st – Read
  • 2nd – Blue
  • 3rd – Green
  • 4th – Orange
  • 5th – Neon Yellow
  • 6th – Neon Red
  • 7th – Dark Blue
  • 8th – Neon Green
Completed Across the Grade Levels from Activity 1 (optional)
Group Configuration: Grade level representatives (one per grade)
Possible Facilitators: Central office staff, principal, department head, teacher leader
Before You Begin:
  • Create grade level cards for seating participants (K-5 or 6-8))
  • Duplicate one Grade Level Survey Sheet  per grade using appropriate color
  • Familiarize yourself with the handouts and the directions, including variations
  1. Seat grade level participants in their grade level order (K-5 or 6-8).
  2. Explain to participants the purpose of the activity as stated above.
  3. Ask grade level representatives to share findings from Activity 1.
  4. Distribute color coded GLCEGrade Survey Sheets. Each grade level representative begins the process with the GLCE Survey Sheet of the grade level below.
Activity 2 (continued)
5.      Have participants read GLCE, writing grade number next to any GLCE they currently teach. Each grade level representative begins the process with the Grade Level Survey Sheet of the grade below.
6.      In round robin format, pass the Grade Level Survey Sheet to the representative to the left (and one grade lower). Continue the process until each grade representative has looked at each grade level.
7.      When representatives receive their own grade sheets, provide time for them to identify areas that are/are not of concern.
8.      Inform teachers /grade level representatives that the next activities will provide assistance in reviewing and possibly reallocating resources. 
9.      Share the information with the principal or curriculum director of the district responsible for GLCE for future reference and direction.

If using the Across the Grade Level documents from Activity for discussion, compile GLCE that are being taught by multiple grades. Also note those not addressed by any grade.

Last Updated: 11/15/11