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Activity Three Instructions

Activity 3:
Creating a Transition Plan
Purpose of the Activity: Teachers will develop strategies and identify resources to achieve a level of mastery for students at appropriate grade levels. 
Summary of the Activity: In previous activities, grade level representatives reviewed the GLCE for each grade level. They identified GLCE which are currently taught to mastery (signified by green coding), currently taught but not to mastery level (signified by a yellow coding), or currently not being taught at this grade level (signified by red coding). Using this information, grade level representatives will develop and record strategies that will enable students to achieve mastery. Representatives will also identify resources necessary for teaching the particular GLCE to mastery.
Estimated Time Frame: ½ hour to 3 hours depending upon the number of identified GLCE.
Resources Needed: 
  • ELA or Mathematics GLCE v 6.04 (found at MDE GLCE home page)
  • Completed “M2 Across the Grades” documents for the appropriate subject/grade (from Activity 1)
  • ELA or Mathematics Companion Documents showing the GLCE alignment to the MCF (found at MDE GLCE home page
  • Blank Transition Chart
Group Configuration: Grade level representatives (1-3 representatives per grade)
Possible Facilitators: Central office staff, principals, department heads, teacher leaders
Before You Begin:
  • Refer to color-coded Across the Grade GLCE sheets completed in Activity 1 which identified what was not taught to mastery at the designated grade levels.
  • Become familiar with resources that are available for teaching the identified content.
  • Become familiar with “best practice” teaching strategies that would enhance the identified content areas
  1. Participants are asked to bring to the session the previously color-coded GLCE sheets for their grade levels (completed during Activity 1).
  2. Explain the purpose of the activity as stated above.
  3. Optional Step: Participants may want to cross-reference the identified GLCE to the MCF. This would allow for easier use of MICLiMB as a resource, and may assist them while thinking of strategies they may have previously used if the benchmark had been introduced (but not mastered) at the grade level.
  4. Participants will use the attached “Transition Chart” to record the identified GLCE, list strategies that will assist teachers in attaining student mastery of the Content Expectation and list the resources that may be used to accomplish the strategy.
Example Chart