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Activity Four Instructions

Activity 4:
Secondary GLCE Comparison
Purpose of the Activity: This activity provides teachers at the secondary level time to review the GLCE documents, to compare what they teach to mastery and what they do not currently teach with what they are expected to teach. 
Summary of the Activity: Secondary teachers grades 9-12 will use GLCE survey sheets to code those GLCE they teach to mastery and those they do not teach. They will review previously coded middle school grades 6-8 sheets to identify what curriculum realignment needs to take place at their level
Estimated Time Frame: 1 ½ - 2 hours
Resources Needed: 
  • M2 Across the Grade Sheets (6-8) for both Math and ELA
  • Colored dots or markers
  • Orange, green and blue for grades 9-12
  • Previously color-coded M2Across the Grade Sheets (6-8) which were completed by teachers grades 6-8 for Math and ELA
Group Configuration: Teachers grades 6-12 should work in small interdisciplinary subject area groups
  • ELA/Social Studies
  • Math/Science
Possible Facilitators:  Curriculum director, ISD staff, principals, department chairs

Before You Begin: At a staff meeting held previously to this, staff should be informed that:

  • The new Grades 3-8 MEAP will be based on the GLCE.
  • Science CE (Content Expectations) for grades K-4 and 5-8 are currently under development.
  • Many of the GLCE in both Math and ELA are also taught in the areas of Social Studies and Science as well as other subject areas.
  • Presently, GLCE are identified for grades K-8 only. However, many of the GLCE that were previously high school expectations will now be taught at the middle level. Implementation of the GLCE will necessitate curriculum realignment as well as adjustment of instructional resources.

Directions (Grades 9-12):

  1. Review with participants the purpose of this activity. Explain that this activity is designed to help teachers become familiar with the GLCE and the resulting need for both content and resource realignment.
  2. Distribute copies of the GLCE M2 Across the Grade (6-8) for appropriate content areas.
  3. Explain important terminology relating to the depth of student learning that has taken place:
    1. Teach: This is content I actually taught through direct instruction, not intended content.
    2. Teach to Mastery: 80% of the students in the class being proficient with the GLCE as measured by 80% correct responses on a classroom assessment designed to assess the expectation. The teacher would move the class to other content, but reteach and provide additional time and/or different instruction for those students who have not yet reached mastery (aligning with the requirements of the NCLB).
  4. Explain to teachers that as they code the GLCE they should use the following guide:
    • Orange-I expect students to have mastered this before high school
    • Green-I currently teach this to mastery
    • Blue-I do not teach this at all
  5. After coding is complete, have teachers in grade 9-12 compile a master list of coded GLCE identifying the areas that are predominantly orange, green or blue.
  6. Distribute the previously coded Across the Grades (6-8) sheets for the appropriate subject area.
  7. Have teachers in grades 9-12 identify GLCE where there is a match in green at the 6-8 level and orange at the 9-12 level (mastery expected at both levels), where there are discrepancies with red or yellow at the 6-8 level and orange at the 9-12 level (not taught to mastery but mastery is expected) or green at both levels (taught to mastery at both levels).
  8. Teachers in grades 9-12 will then identify what curriculum realignment needs to take place and what resources need to be moved from the high school to the middle school to address the identified curriculum discrepancies.

*Variations: There should be discussion after both levels (middle school and high school) code the GLCE. At both levels mastery is expected but the level of performance by students in the MCF and the GLCE is matter of degree. For example, students at both levels are writing on global themes. However, what is expected of an 8th grader will differ from that of an 11th grader.

For social studies and science teachers, explain that some (not all) of the Math and ELA GLCE are taught in social studies and science classes as well. For example, data and probability are used in science while writing genre and process are used in multiple content areas. For this reason, it is important for all content area teachers to examine both ELA and Math GLCE to assist in the mastery by students of these expectations.