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GLCE Professional Development Module 1:
Introduction to Grade Level Content Expectations
and Michigan Curriculum Framework/GLCE Alignment Document
This module will provide opportunity for background, knowledge and understanding of the GLCE, as well as introduction to the Michigan Curriculum Framework/GLCE alignment document. The series of activities should be presented in sequence unless your audience is already very familiar with certain sections. Accompanying documents/templates for the activities can be found on the CD provided by MDE. These sessions can be done as a one-day in-service or separated into individual sessions as time allows. 
Activity One: Introduction & Line of Knowledge (15 minutes)
Purpose of the Activity: To assess knowledge of group regarding GLCE.                             
Activity Two: Background to GLCE and new assessments (55 minutes w/powerpoint)
Purpose of the Activity: To familiarize the participants with GLCE relationship to NCLB, MCF Standards and Benchmarks, MICLIMB; to assess understanding of the phase-in MEAP assessment plan; to identify implications of GLCE on classroom instruction and assessment. Optional: to provide information regarding companion documents and resources available.
Activity Three: Understanding the format and content of the GLCE (55 minutes)
Purpose of the Activity: To introduce participants to the format, content and coding of the GLCE; to compare GLCE to present practice; to identify and discuss needed adjustments.
Activity Four: Introduction to the MCF Alignment Document (80 minutes)
Purpose of the Activity: To learn how to use the Alignment Documents process.
English Language Arts and Mathematics - To identify expectations as exemplary/credible/new alignment using the Guiding Rubric provided at the Michigan Department of Education website.,1607,7-140--87065--,00.html
Activity Five: Concluding Assignment, Next Steps (20 minutes)
Purpose of the Activity: To reflect and reassess knowledge of group regarding GLCE; to identify next steps.
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