What is a comprehensive early childhood system?

A comprehensive early childhood system is a network of county-wide supports and services working together to achieve better results for young children and families.

Cindy Pline, Great Start Coordinator
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Email: pline_c@ccresa.org

Larissa Contreras, Great Start Parent Liaison
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Michigan's Early Childhood Outcomes

  1. Children are born healthy.
  2. Children are healthy, thriving, and developmentally on track from birth to third grade.
  3. Children are developmentally ready to succeed in school at time of school entry.
  4. Children are prepared to succeed in fourth grade and beyond by reading proficiently by the end of third grade.

Five Focus Areas

Physical Health Care – High-quality physical and child development services, including referrals for children with developmental concerns.

Social-Emotional Health Care- Specialized child development and mental health services that promote the social-emotional well-being of all young children.

Parent Education & Family Support – Excellent support for parents in the critical role they play in their child's overall development.

Early Care and Education – High-quality early care and educational services for children that prepare them to succeed in school and life.

Basic Needs, Economic Security & Child Safety – Access to supports and services that assist families to be safe and financially stable.


A Great Start for every child in Clinton County- safe, healthy and eager to succeed in school and in life.


The purpose of Clinton County Great Start is to assure a coordinated system of community resources and supports to assist all our families in providing a great start for their children.