Office of Innovative Projects

Through strong partnerships and quality system supports, Clinton County RESA Office of Innovative Projects administers statewide and regional initiatives for early childhood providers, teachers, administrators, faculty, and families, funded through grants from the Michigan Department of Lifelong Education, Advancement, and Potential, the Michigan Department of Education, and contracts with intermediate school districts. We are pleased to serve the diverse needs of professionals and families throughout Michigan.

Supporting the state’s early childhood infrastructure, the Office of Innovative Projects has three areas of focus: professional learning for service providers, teachers, administrators and faculty; connection to services for families; and pilot or innovative activities.

Professional learning initiatives include:

  • Early On® Training and Technical Assistance
  • Early On® Center for Higher Education
  • Preschool Special Education Training and Technical Assistance
  • Eastern Early Childhood Support Network. 

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Public awareness and outreach activities that connect families to services include:

  • Early On® Public Awareness
    • Connecting families of infants and toddlers with developmental delays and disabilities with services
  • Build Up 
    • Connecting children ages 3 through 5 to special education programs and services
  • MichiganPreschool
    • Application and enrollment management for Great Start Readiness Program and Head Start
  • Help Me Grow
    • Connecting families to live care coordination, developmental screening, and services
    • Coordinated eligibility and enrollment, powering the referral, application, and enrollment management activities above

Pilot and innovative activities include administration and implementation of the Strong Beginnings Preschool Pilot for Three-Year-Old Children, a research and development initiative testing the efficacy and scalability of two years of publicly funded preschool. 

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Office of Innovative Projects Contacts

Christine Callahan
Jennifer Champagne
Training and TA Manager
Jennifer Koenigsknecht
Public Awareness Supervisor
Daniel Muliett
Multi-Media Technology Specialist
Alexa Schinderle
Administrative Specialist
Christine Schmidt
Fiscal Services Coordinator