Data Review

Coaching Support & Data Review Process

In keeping with our Guiding Principals of MTSS, partnering schools and districts engage in: 

Systematic, data-based, and collaborative decision making using both STUDENT OUTCOMES and FIDELITY data.  

CCRESA is actively working to provide ongoing adjustments to align this process with Michigan's Continuous Improvement Process (MICIP)


Coaching/Implementation Support Role

Coaching Definitions

  • Systems Coaching:  (MiMTSS emphasis): Coaching to develop the capacity to effectively implement a program, practice, or approach to enhance student outcomes (effective innovation)
  • Instructional Coaching: “Content / practice-level coaching” to help teachers improve instruction in a discipline using a particular strategy, practice, or program to improve student outcomes

Resources A Practice Guide to Supporting Implementation 

Coaching Responsibilities

  • Participate as a member of the school leadership team (SLT).
  • Prompt the team to monitor the activities within their implementation plan.
  • Provide assistance with installing the structures and tools necessary to implement MTSS components with fidelity and sustainability through modeling, consultation, and feedback.
  • Develop the team's fluency around resources, assessment tools, and data use.
  • Enhance the team's skills and assist them in adapting the MTSS components to fit the culture and context of the district or school.
  • Facilitate team meetings and specific agenda topics with the goal of developing the team's collective capacity to fulfill those functions.
  • Remain open to giving and receiving feedback for the purpose of refining coaching skills.

Data Review Process

Coaching Support Session 

Data Review Resources

Data Sources


Acadience Reading

Early Warning Indicators

Behavioral Incidences/School Wide Information System (SWIS)

Social-emotional/behavioral screening