Strengthening Families: Protective Factors

Strengthening Families is a national model to promote child development and to build strong families.

It includes five protective factors to reduce stress and keep families strong.

  1. Parental Resilience-Think of being strong and flexible.
    • Taking god care of yourself.
    • Planning ahead and adapting t change.
    • Pursuing your hopes and dreams.
    • Having a positive attitude towards life.
  2. Social Connections-Think of parents needing friends.
    • Saying hell to neighbors.
    • Being active in your community.
    • Knowing your child’s friends and their families.
    • Joining a group with common interests.
  3. Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development-Think of parenting as being part natural and part learned.
    • Ding an “Ages and Stages” Questionnaire (available at CCRESA).
    • Discussing your child’s strengths/needs with the teacher.
    • Attending parent education events.
    • Building n your child’s strengths/interests.
  4. Concrete Support In Times of Need-Think of the fact that we ALL need help sometimes.
    • Getting information from other parents.
    • Using a calendar t manage time.
    • Gaining knowledge of community resources (Call 211).
    • Seeking help when needed.
  5. Children’s Social and Emotional Development-Think of giving your child the love and respect they need.
    • Being consistent.
    • Providing social opportunities for your child.
    • Helping your children solve problems.
    • Identifying and discussing feelings.

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