Workshop & Share

Workshop & Share Learning Series: Learn It, Make It, Take It

Workshop & Share Learning Series is presented by 517 EdTech and SITN and is an asynchronous learning opportunity where educators are provided the space to learn, make, and take digital resources that can be instantly applied to your professional world of teaching and learning. Workshop & Share was designed to provide educators with succinct learning opportunities that you can navigate at your own pace and in your own space. This micro-sized PD experience will first guide you through the how-to’s of the content, then provide you an opportunity to practice the new learning and create your own product that you in turn share with the Workshop & Share group.

The complete playlist of all Workshop & Share sessions is now available. Session topics include: Google Form Headers, Jamboard Activators, Choice Boards, When I GIF, You GIF, We GIF, and HyperDocs.

Workshop & Share Complete Playlist

Workshop & Share - Learn It, Make It, Take It