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September 2023: Force and Motion

October 2023: Earth Systems

November 2023: Ecosystems and Habitats


September 2022: Constitution Day, September Read Aloud

October 2022: Hispanic Heritage Month

November 2022: American Indian Heritage Month

December 2022: The Importance of Books

January 2023: New Year/Renewal

February 2023: Black History Month/The History of Black Hair

March 2023: Women's History Month

April 2023: Earth Day and Caring for Our Environment

May 2023: Asian American and Pacific Islander Month

June 2023: Diversity in Families


September 2021: Back to School

October 2021: Introduction to Writing Instruction

November 2021: Interactive Writing

December 2021: Interactive Writing

January 2022: Daily Time in Writing

February 2022: The Writing Process

April 2022: Writing Strategies